Thursday, June 16, 2011

๑The Recently๑


Is someone birthday

But I no mood to say who is he n

How we and her gf prepare a birhthday party to him !

n How we make a surprise to him

P/S: Sorry ! Now to him I really no coment =X

So I no upload that day we prepare geh food or what

Just see our MPP picture and see how crazy we are


6MPP , less my dear Zi Wei =(



On that day ,I receive a parcel from my dear

Cause dear knoe my phone wanted to spoil dy

So he buy me a phone and send it to me

Although that phone is not expensive ! But I love it much !

Thx my dear Boy ! ♥♥♥



Yesterday we going to Jin Li house "Pou"again


We having steamboat at her house

Ooh Yes !

This time we making "ikan bilis"soup

Not Tomyam soup

P/S: I rmb that we make tomyam soup put alot of gourmet powder !

Really feeling NO HEALTHY !

Now No gourmet powder !

Just pure "ikan bilis"soup


That soup really feel SO tasty


P/S: We're so healthy Woman =P

We are gossiping and eating

Really feeling happy

But just we 5 MPP

Chesy and Zi Wei cant eat steamboat with us



Find a day we 6 MPP hang out together ♥

Go shopping

Go crazying


Our Favourite Chili Sauce

P/S: Mummy make geh =D 

Waiting waiting ......

Still waiting ..... Hahaha =D

Woohoo~~~Start eat lo !!! Our 2nd Round dy xD

Vu Jin Li geh FISH=BOY eat all ~~~ hahahahah xD

After School Holiday need start doing homework AGAIN !