Saturday, June 18, 2011

๑Morning ! ^.<๑

Morning to everyone =D

P/S: Eveyday must brush ur teeth ya


I have ate my breakfast justnow

Ate "min fan gou"

I cook myself geh leh

P/S: I'm clever right ? =P

Ok la ~~~

Acctually not at Happy Valentine Day make me love cooking

Is when I got mood

I will go find some recipe that I love it and save the web at com

Also cause I love cooking so make me fat too

Oohh noo !

Before I hope it I can be a chef

But now I hope I can be a DJ


I think is feeling vey syok WOMAN !


Acctually our future we also dunno is how

Just can guess guess guess



Tomorrow is Sunday

GREAT Sunday to me and my dear!

Cause tonite me can online FB

no ned scare mummy keep "ngam" me

And can chat phone with dear untill so late


Dear say we dy so long time no chat phone chat dou so late jor



This few days my stomach keep pain

Now I really scare go toilet make"chocolate cake"


I think is me too over eat the chili sauce then make me upset stomach

P/S: Mummy make the chili sauce really too Spicy !

Really regret eat too many chili sauce

Luckily now no so pain dy


And I no dare eat that chili sauce again

I scare stomach upset again and dear will scold me 99


I U , My Sakai Dear =P