Thursday, June 14, 2012

๑Anna Start her U.Life๑

Hi everyone !

I'm back !


Tell you all

I already start my U.Life

What I means about U.Life ?

U.Life = University Life


Before study at here

I never think that I can study at UNIVERSITY and NOT at COLLEGE

 Amazing Luckily ?

I dunno la

This week already is the second week that I had lecture and tutorial class

Last week was my first week start the U.Life

Before one week we just had orientation

I love orientation !

I love the time we perform !

I love the time we with OC dance RUMA RUMA and BUTTERFLY untill CRAZY !!!

The most is 


P/S: Eventhough one of my groupmate are broken his hand seriously when we was prasticing


really WTH right


When we saw him fall down

He shout loudly and hold his hand

We can feel it

It's very painfull

But we cant do anything to him

Our group leader Joshua just call us calm down and keep calling our OC

Security Guide sent him to hospital

My roomate told me that he will do operation on the next day

 Now he already come back from hospital

When we meet him, smile and say HI to him

He had no respond



He hate us ?


I just hope he will faster recover back

OK !

I want say about my feeling when I came here !!


When someone ask me how's ur U.Life ?

I will say OK OK looo

But actually I temporarily adapt the new enviroment at here

The first week I cry non-stop


Because I miss my family much !!

I scare I cant follow what the lecturer teaching !!

I alone at here whithout friends

All the points make me feeling stress and cry out loudly

Between that

I want say thx to my lovely man

I cry non-stop when I chat with him

Because he is closes to me beside home

In the phone

I can heard that he worry about me

But my lovely dear

Now I feel OK already

My mummy always me is a cold hard person


I'm not !

Everytime mummy call me

I feeling want to cry

aiks !

But now I feeling happy mummy call me

And feeling happy when end the phone


At here I had two good roomate

They was helpful and kindly

Their result compare to me

I will feel want go to jump to the sea


Because their result allA AAAAAAA

But my SPM result just AA only



Feeling so bad la

 It's time had a picture show ! 

Await right ?


>> During orientation- Group 17 !!! <<

Our girl's hostel ! HB4

With my roomate !

Everyday I ate Spaghetti o.O

I'm the Miss MMU candidate .. LOL ... Funny right ?! @@

The Last two days during orientation , after performence !

YEAH!! ! WE are GROUP 17 !!!

During orientation ... Everyday need early wake up !

 Smile smile ! 

AGAIN ! Spaghetti ! 

During orientation we playing game too ! 

 04.06.2012 - Start Lecture and Tutorial ! 

I'm in FM07 ! *love*



♥ The friends I always eat dinner with them and crazy with them ! 

 The Recently Gathering of Group 17 


The recently of ME !

 Annabella *.*

Ya ... Is time stop writing at here

and going chat v him

Tomorrow still have class

But lucky narrr

at 11:00 a.m

can sleep late abit


Good night friends 

I think next post will be more about me and him