Friday, August 19, 2011


Now I really feeling scare and stress



I need to force myself to study hard !

I need to force myself everyday revision !

I need to force myself do anything for my future !

I really HATE memorize MORAL !

I really HATE memorize SEJARAH !

I really HATE memorize BM NOVEL !

I really HATE memorize LITERATURE !

I really HATE memorize SCIENCE !

I MOST HATE ACCOUT !!! Even though I study at Accout class !

I really HATE memorize all subject to prepared my SPM !

ACCTUALLY not just SPM !

I wan become thin !

When I study Form 3 , I promise myself I will become thin when I take my SPM result


I just gt half year more like that diet and become thin !

How can I do it ?

Now I KEEP eat eat eat !!!???

I really hate myself  !

Yesterday I eat so full and I feel some guilt !

Then I keep exercise to make myself feel tired tired and tired !

Then I only no feel guilt !

I HATE all of this feeling !!!

I 'm so stupid ?

 I'm so useless ? 


♥ ♥ ♥

The only thing that I can feel happy that is ,

Even though I become how ,

I believe HE also will love me and never change it  ...=D