Tuesday, December 29, 2009

●After two years●

Just now see XiaoKu blog
She say his husband this month 30 need go taiwan
After two years his husband promise her will come back
Think back me & dear
After 2 years we oso gt pledge
After 2 years
we can meet everyday
After 2 years
Me or my dear no ned alone sad or wat again
After 2 years
We no ned use phone just hear sound only
After 2 years we can also fall in love???
I dunno
I just knoe you are important to me
You are my whole life
I cant lose you
I dunno the peldge of us can be true or not
but i will do the best
do the best in u & me
do the best in my family
do the best in my study
do the best in my friends
do the best in myself

that is in the new year{2010}i need to do it
Even tat is difficult
I will try my best
I won't let u{my dear}& my family & my friends & myself dissapointed

Baby,U Just Belong To Me
I Just Belong To You

Dun forget our pledge
After 2 years
That is a meaningful years to us
That is happiness to us

++Just Love You Baby++

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